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Bravo Book Summaries

Dear Readers,
I’ve been writing Bravo family stories for a while now, and under different series names.  I know it can get confusing, trying to find them all.  So here are short summaries of the stories that came out from 1998-2008, in order of publication.  To read summaries for more recent Bravo stories, check out my Current and Upcoming releases page and click the links to read more about the newer books.


THE NINE-MONTH MARRIAGE, SSE-1148 - Once upon a time, Abby Heller was the lovable, headstrong kid who idolized Cash Bravo. In her hero-worshiping eyes, the Wyoming rancher could do no wrong. But one urgent April night, Cash made a woman of Abby... and Abby came up pregnant.

MARRIAGE BY NECESSITY, SSE-1161 - To fulfill her father's will and keep her precious ranch, Megan Kane needed to marry, bear a child. Since she’d always loved handsome neighbor Nate Bravo---a maverick she couldn’t tie down---her solution was simple. She’d beg Nate to wed her and bed her.

PRACTICALLY MARRIED, SSE-1174 - Lovely widowed mother Tess DeMarley had “perfect wife” written all over her, but rancher Zach Bravo had lost at love once before. So he proposed an arranged marriage.

MARRIED BY ACCIDENT, SSE-1250 - Pure chance brought big-city girl Melinda Bravo and rugged rancher Cole Yuma together in time to deliver his sister’s newborn. But it was pure desire -- baby and otherwise -- that convinced her there would be no harm in pretending the baby was hers and Cole’s... just for a little while.

THE MILLIONAIRE SHE MARRIED, SSE-1322 - Seems like bride-to-be Jenna Bravo had left one teensy thing undone before she accepted her nice-but-boring fiancé’s proposal -- divorce her first husband, Mack McGarrity.

THE M.D. SHE *HAD* TO MARRY, SSE-1345 - Lacey Bravo wasn’t marrying a man just because she was in the family way.... She was holding out for true love. And that meant Dr. Logan Severance had to do more than propose. He had to prove he was offering the real thing -- his heart!

THE MARRIAGE AGREEMENT, SSE-1412 – “You’re going to love the redhead’s surprise.” His dying father’s wickedly whispered words sent memories spinning in Marsh Bravo’s mind.

THE BRAVO BILLIONAIRE - If ever there was a living embodiment of all that money could buy, Jonas Bravo was it. But that gleaming facade hid a legacy of loss. For though Jonas had been to the manor born, the kidnapping of his baby brother had yanked the rug out from under him -- and taught him always to keep his heart padlocked.

THE MARRIAGE CONSPIRACY, SSE-1423 - Hardworking detective Dekker Smith had always been beautician Joleen Tilly’s best buddy. But when Joleen fell for a rich boy’s honeyed lies -- producing precious but fatherless little Sam -- and Sam’s powerful grandparents demanded custody, Dekker proposed an astonishing solution: a most convenient marriage!

HIS EXECUTIVE SWEETHEART, SSE-1485 - One day she was the prim-and-proper executive assistant, the next day Celia Tuttle fell madly, hopelessly in love with her boss -- mogul Aaron Bravo, bachelor extraordinaire.

MERCURY RISING, SSE-1496 - When it came to choosing the WRONG man, Jane Elliott had written the book. So from now on, Jane had decided that when it came to untamable men, her policy was “hands-off.” Only problem was, she hadn’t counted on how irresistible Cade Bravo’s hands would be.

SCROOGE AND THE SINGLE GIRL, SSE-1509 - Will “Scrooge’ Bravo was well-known for his antipathy toward that most wonderful time of year. And all HE wanted for Christmas was to be alone. Then into his den of solitude walked beautiful, miniskirt-clad Jilly.

FIFTY WAYS TO SAY I’M PREGNANT, SSE-1615 – There must be fifty ways to say “I’m pregnant.”  So why couldn’t Starr Bravo think of just one?  Maybe because there were three words she was longing to hear from Beau Tisdale first.

MARRYING MOLLY SSE-1639 –Molly O’Dare and Tate Bravo never got along.  But the secret passion they shared drew them together.  Would Molly continue to tell him no—or would Tate be Marrying Molly before the baby was born?

LORI’S LITTLE SECRET, SSE-1683 – Rumor had it that Lori Lee Billingsworth’s son was the result of a one-night stand. Little did attorney Tucker Bravo know that he was the man involved.  For Lori Lee and her twin sister had traded places on prom night and no one but Lori knew she’d finally had her dream night with the boy she’d always loved….

BRAVO UNWRAPPED, SILHOUETTE SIGNATURE SELECT SINGLE TITLE – As editor of Alpha, the ultimate men’s magazine, B.J. Carlyle is out to prove that she’s got what it takes to become editor-in-chief—even if it means swallowing her pride and getting her ex, Buck Bravo, for December’s cover story.  Landing the bestselling author, adventurer and man of the hour is a coup.  But Buck has conditions.   BJ agrees to them, but she’s not telling Buck she may be pregnant with his baby.

THE BRAVO FAMILY WAY, SSE-1741 – Cleopatra Bliss had learned long ago to stay away from driven, powerful men like Fletcher Bravo.  So when the handsome CEO of one of Las Vegas’s most successful gaming resorts made her an irresistible proposal, she knew she was in trouble.

MARRIED IN HASTE, SSE-1777 – It was supposed to be a practical marriage, no passion allowed.  But one week past the “I do’s” and it hit both of them like a ton of bricks.  Angie Dellazola and Brett Bravo were wildly, madly, passionately in love—with each other!

FROM HERE TO PATERNITY, SSE-1825 – Brand Bravo had blown it with Charlene Cooper all those years ago.  Now, he won’t hesitate to be anything Charlene needs him to be—including a husband.  And even a father….

A BRAVO CHRISTMAS REUNION, SSE-1868 – What brought him to her door, Marcus Reid couldn’t say.  She’d left him six months ago. But one look at Hayley Bravo’s burgeoning stomach and Marcus knew he couldn’t turn and walk away. 

 VALENTINE’S SECRET CHILD, SSE-1879 – Nine years ago Kelly Bravo and Michael Vakulic went their separate ways.  She had searched for him when she learned she was carrying his baby.  But he was nowhere to be found.  Now, he’s a whole new man, with a new name: Mitch Valentine.  How will she tell this stranger she once loved that he’s her little girl’s dad?

HAVING TANNER BRAVO’S BABY, SSE-1927-Crystal Cerise’s secret affair with Tanner Bravo was supposed to be just that—a secret.  So her world turned upside-down the moment she discovered she was having Tanner Bravo’s baby.