Christine Rimmer New York Time Bestselling Author
Christine Rimmer Christine RimmerChristine Rimmer
Christine Rimmer - New York Times Bestselling Author


2007 Romance Writers of America Conference
Dallas, Texas

Chris and writing pals Chris and Jackie D'Alesandro

With Writing Pals, including dear friend and conference roomie, Susan Crosby, far right,
front row

With the lovely Jackie D'Alesandro


Chris with her RITA Statue

Chris, Linda Goodnight, and Debra Cowan

At the fabulous Harlequin Party with buddies Linda Goodnight and Debra Cowan

Chris, Christy Ridgway, and Leigh Riker

At the annual signing for Literacy with fellow authors Christy Ridgway and Leigh Riker. 

With the statue I received from my wonderful chapter mates at Sacramento Valley Rose to commemorate my RITA nomination for


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