Hi Everyone,

It’s that time again—I have a new book coming out for you this month.

Taking the Long Way Home is the latest in my new Bravo Family Ties: the Next Generation series. It’s the story of a woman who is through with love and a man determined to show her she should give him a chance.

After a rough day at work, library director Piper Wallace stops by the bar at the local steakhouse for one drink before heading home. But when rancher Jason Bravo takes the stool next to her, things get interesting fast.

Piper is charmed by the younger man. And Jason? He’s had a crush on Piper since she first came to work at the Medicine Creek, Wyoming Library—when she was twenty-six and he was thirteen.

They start talking. And then they’re flirting. And soon he’s asking her to go out with him sometime. Piper has no interest in dating. But when Jason suggests they share this one night…

She says yes. For this one night only…

But wouldn’t you know? Fate has other plans. Including a surprise pregnancy and a road trip to meet Piper’s newly found birth father.  The more time Piper has with Jason, the harder it gets to imagine letting him go…

Until next time, I hope the cold winter days are giving way to daffodils and sunshine where you are.

Happy reading to you and yours,

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Posted by Christine on Friday, March 15, 2024