Hi Everyone,

Where are your favorite places to go in the whole world? I’m guessing one of those places would be a great book. I feel the same. I love to escape into the pages of a compelling novel and only glance up to face the real world when absolutely necessary. I read four or five romances a week and for the past decade and a half or so, I’ve been reading them on a kindle.

In fact, in the last eight or nine years, I’ve been doing most of my research for my own novels online and in downloaded books. At one time, I had four large bookcases packed with research materials. Over the last few years, I’ve whittled that down to two bookcases. The hubster is after me to cut that number down to one bookcase—at the most. He says I hardly look at them. What’s the point of keeping them? he asks.

I look at him in shock and total lack of comprehension when he says stuff like that. I mean, anything could happen. I’m in the business of what-happens-if. A worldwide internet blackout, maybe? I would need my hardcopy research books then, you betcha. And what about the zombies, anyway? They could start the apocalypse any day now. You want reasons why I need to keep at least two bookcases of books I don’t use? Hey, I’ll dream them up for you.

But the real reason is more about my life and my loved ones than any possible breakdown of internet service. Some books just are my lost dear ones to me. Just as an example, I own four different hardcover editions of Bartlett’s Familiar Quotations passed down to me by my beloved granny each time she bought herself the newest one. Granny died almost thirty years ago, but she’s right here with me every time I pick up a book that used to be hers. I could go on. Fairytale collections from a dear aunt. From my mom and dad, coffee table-type books with glorious, full-color art by great artists. The complete works of Colette, which I was always going to read in French. Someday….

So yeah. No, I am not getting rid of any more of my books printed on actual paper. I am treasuring every single one and loving the beautiful memories they conjure, the personal history they represent.

And anyone out there with hardcover or paperback books that you cherish? Hold on to them. Only let go when you’re good and ready.

Happy New Decade, everyone. May the year before you unfold in beauty and love and really good books!

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Posted by Christine on Tuesday, January 14, 2020