Hi Everyone,

What a year. After a record-cold winter here in Oregon, things do finally seem to be warming up a bit. Right now, I’m enjoying just seeing the sun now and then and, as always, dreaming up new stories for you.

Here in my workspace, it’s all about my long-running Bravo family series. I’m deep into the stories of the Next Generation of the original Bravo heroes and heroines, proposing one story to my editor and then starting the manuscript for another. Oh, and I’m editing the finished manuscript for WHEN CHRISTMAS COMES, which stars nurse Sarah Bravo, younger sister of that guy to the right on this page, Jason Bravo, who is the hero of Taking the Long Way Home.

Jason’s story is available now everywhere Harlequin Books are sold. And WHEN CHRISTMAS COMES will be out at the end of November. I’ll be sharing a lot more about Sarah’s story as the release month gets a little closer.

And I’ll be back next month with more info about what’s coming up from me in 2024. Until then, all my best to you and yours.

And happy reading everyone,

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Posted by Christine on Monday, April 8, 2024