Hi Everyone,

Happy Holidays! It’s Christmastime at last and I have a new release for you, one that’s festive and fun—and with a Christmas wedding, too.

Her Best Friend’s Wedding is a Next-Generation Bravo family story, and Ty Bravo, the hero, is the first-born son of Cash Bravo, the hero of my very first Bravo family story, THE NINE-MONTH MARRIAGE. Ty is his dad’s son through and through, including his need to be free. He’s been married once, it was a disaster and he never plans to marry again.

But then he finds he can’t stop wanting his ex-wife’s best friend, Sadie McBride. Ty proposes a secret affair. Sadie will have none of that. She’s looking for the right man, a good man. Sadie won’t settle for less than forever…

I had a great time writing Ty and Sadie’s story. They are perfect for each other. Now if Ty can only wise up, get out of his own way and finally risk his heart again…

Until next month, here’s to cozy nights by the fire with a really good book and the ones you love nearby.

Happy holidays and Christmas blessings to you and yours,

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Posted by Christine on Friday, December 8, 2023