Hi Everyone,

It happens all the time. Two people start out as friends and then become…more. And that is what’s going on in my November 28 release, Her Best Friend’s Wedding.

Ty Bravo and Sadie McBride have a long and often rocky history together. Nowadays, they are good friends. But first, they were rivals at school, constantly trying to top each other, both of them wanting to be the best. And then Sadie’s best friend, Nicole, married Ty. That marriage was never a happy one. Sadie was Team Nicole from the start so Sadie and Ty went from rivals to flat-out enemies.

Ty and Nicole’s marriage didn’t last. They’ve been divorced for a few years now. And Sadie and Ty have slowly become friends. Sadie is looking for her true love. And Ty is never getting serious with a woman again.

But now, as Nicole’s second wedding to Ty’s good friend Gavin approaches, Ty and Sadie begin to realize there might be more than friendship going on between them. They don’t want the same things. It can never work.

So why is it they simply cannot stay away from each other…?

I had such fun writing this story. Ty is just impossible—in the best kind of way. He’s smart and funny and hot. And Sadie…well, I would sure like to have her for my best friend. I hope you enjoy reading this Christmas-wedding love story as much as I loved writing it.

Until next month, may your upcoming holidays be full of family, good cheer and great books!

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Posted by Christine on Thursday, November 16, 2023