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This month, I have a new cover to share with you along with lots of yummy info about my upcoming November release. When Christmas Comes is Book 4 in my all-new Bravo Family Ties series, The Next Generation.

Cover first. I love this one because it really communicates all the sparkle and magic of the holidays—and of finding the joy of true love.

Not that true love comes easy for Sarah Bravo and Maddox Hale. He’s forty and divorced, a hard-charging New York real estate mogul with two kids he needs to pay more attention to. As for Sarah, she’s twenty-four. An RN dedicated to working where she’s needed the most, she’s recently returned from a challenging assignment in an isolated Bolivian village.

Maddox and Sarah strike sparks from their first meeting. Not that it matters to either of them. Both are certain they are not a match made in heaven and each plans to avoid the other.

But Maddox’s father, rancher Fergus Hale, needs a nurse while he’s laid up with a broken leg. Fergus hires Sarah on the spot. Now she’s living at the Hale family ranch house in Medicine Creek, Wyoming, where Maddox and his children are staying for the summer. Despite their mutual determination to stay well away from each other, undeniable attraction keeps drawing Sarah and Maddox together.

They know it will never work between them and they agree that when the summer’s over they will go their separate ways. When Christmas comes, their wild summer in Wyoming will be no more than a hot, sweet memory—or so they keep telling themselves…

For more info, first chapter and to preorder When Christmas Comes, just click the links to the right. And until next time, here’s to stories you can’t put down and endings that leave you happy and satisfied.

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Posted by Christine on Wednesday, May 15, 2024